Cubic Telecom

Cubic’s business model is focused on solving the challenges presented by providing true end-to-end connectivity, safely and securely, anywhere on the planet. For the full lifecycle of any device. As the scope of mobile technologies has changed, our remit has expanded: solving for end-to-content content delivery, helping some of the world’s best-recognised innovators deliver on their vision for the services and functionality they want their customers to enjoy. Our reach extends far beyond the connection, into granular per-device/service billing, data analytics, services and near real-time alerting that enable next-generation mobility services.

This is the vision that has taken us to over 12 million devices connected in more than 190 countries globally as we enter 2023. Today, our team enables cars, drones, tractors, trucks, buses, cranes and the next generation of IoT devices to meet their full potential, everywhere: 250 software ninjas from 32 nationalities in 19 locations worldwide make great things happen every day.


Cubic cuts through complexity, delivering A SINGLE GLOBAL SOLUTION:

  • Global connectivity
  • Remote device connectivity management
  • Minimal embedded SIM SKUs across the manufacturing and supply chain
  • Seamless integration with OEM IT business systems
  • Access to our global portfolio of Tier 1 mobile network partners
  • Data management and analytics
  • Security
  • Regulatory & Tax compliance