BLOCK II (11:50 - 13:00 Uhr)

Material Innovation & Application II

Dr. Oliver Kuisle

Using industrial carbon waste streams to foster Economy in Automotive plastics

Oliver Kuisle
Sustainability Marketing Director

Dr. Erik Licht

PlasticLoop - Audi Q8 e-tron seat belt buckle cover based on chemical recycling of mixed automotive plastic waste

Dr. Erik Licht
Director New Business Development EU

Samira Uharek

Innovative solutions with plastics

Samira Uharek
Sustainability Managerin


Thin film technology as an enabler for the Circular Economy

Jörg Stierand
Head of Divisional Sales Management Automotive


Spearheading Sustainable Resins for Automotive Applications

Frank Schumann
Global Segment Director Mobility

Interior & Software

Mikael Åkerholm

Alcohol and CO2 sensors in Interior Sensing Applications

Mikael Åkerholm
Head of Business Development, Senseair

Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH
Sven Bogner

Smart interiors seen from a holistic point of view

Sven Bogner
Head of Interior

csi entwicklungstechnik
Jörg Grotendorst

Car of the Future

Jörg Grotendorst
Sr. Vice President Car of the Future, Magna International Inc.

Magna International Inc.

Amazon & Stellantis: continuously building & delivering software for Automotive

Heiko Schilling
Senior Vice President Software Engineering

Securing the Future of Automotive

Masanori Bando

Masanori Bando
Lead Product Manager Automotive, Fortinet

Frank Bartel

Frank Bartel
Lead Architect Automotive, Fortinet

The power of sensory perception in interior coatings that are sustainable and high-performance

Alexander Schieke
Global Marketing Director

Efficient Industry I

Technologie- und Digitalisierungspartner für die virtuelle Inbetriebnahme

Dr. Christian Scheifele

ISG Industrielle Steuerungstechnik GmbH

Torsionales Ultraschallschweissen: Eine effiziente Verbindungstechnik für Dünnwandteile und den Einsatz recycelter Materialien

Dennis Bazin

Dennis Bazin
Product Market Manager, Telsonic AG

Andreas Helfenberger

Andreas Helfenberger
Team Leader Sales and Project Management Plastics, Telsonic GmbH

Intelligentes Abisolieren: Mehr Prozesssicherheit bei der Hairpin-Fertigung

Martin Lehmann
Key Account Manager E-Mobility

Adaptable, flexible, sustainable production

Mathias Stach
Associate Partner Integral Factory Planning, Drees & Sommer

How to avoid new silos in your digital journey from Engineering to Manufacturing

Karel van der Poel
SVP & GM Employee & Creator Workflows + NowX, ServiceNow


E-Mobility & Infrastructure

Importance of Interoperability and Operational Excellence for a seamless EV Charging Experience

P3 Group

Christoph Moring
Technology Lead Smart Charging

Jozsef Farkas
Partner (Energy & Software)

Andreas Weinbrecht

The Future of Charging: Next Level Ladekabel für die Elektromobilität

Andreas Weinbrecht
Head Of Research And Development, Lapp Mobility GmbH

Lapp Mobility GmbH
Mathias R. Albert, CEO & Gründer ViveLaCar GmbH

Nur Kreislaufwirtschaft ist wirklich nachhaltig – wie Auto Abo für Hersteller und Händler zum Renditebringer wird

Mathias R. Albert
CEO / Founder

ViveLarCar GmbH

Road, Rail, Space: SaaS for New Mobility Concepts

Dr. Peter Mehrle

Jörg Grotendorst

Car of the Future

Jörg Grotendorst
Sr. Vice President Car of the Future, Magna International Inc.

Magna International Inc.

Decarbonization of heavy & light metal

BMW will discuss together with representatives from the supplier industry about the availability and use of sustainable plastic products in the car.Following the impulse note delivered by BMW, 2-3 enterprises from supplier side will present their take on the topic, ending with a discussion with the audience.

Restricted participant number: 20 persons max.

Strategic alignment of the Chinese and European automotive industry II

In this session, CIIPA (China Int. Investment Promotion Agency) and the Chinese Municipality of Tianjin will lead a discussion about the exchange and cooperation between the Chinese and European car companies in this specific region.


Dr. Christian Hort
Senior Vice President Automotive

Dr. Holger Hanisch

Chinese-German Cooperation for Rotary Engines as Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles

Dr. Holger Hanisch
General Manager

Rolf Hartge

Rolf Hartge

Rolfhartge GmbH

Competitiveness of Electric Vehicle in China

Axel Deiche